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Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

Wizard Cleaning provides a complete restoration and cleaning service for the hard flooring in public, commercial or public sector spaces, including offices, pubs and clubs, schools, care homes, hotels and so on.
We work with companies throughout London, the South East and the Home Counties to restore hard flooring to its very best.
Here at Wizard Cleaning, we think that hard floors are a sound choice for an attractive, timeless appeal. Well maintained hard flooring can last for many years and looks chic and professional within a busy office.

All our services are offered on a one-off or a regular, contracted basis.

A Total Restoration and Hard Floor Cleaning Service

Attractive though they care, hard floors require specialist services to keep them at their best.
Our specialists offer a complete service to strip, restore, clean, polish and seal your hard floors. We can carry out minor repairs, polish out scratches and seal the floor for a high quality result.
Whether your floor is limestone or sandstone, porcelain, ceramic, slate, wooden or vinyl, we have a selection of techniques and tools that can do a perfect job without damaging the surface.  

We employ highly trained staff who recognise the composition of the floor, how best to treat it and of course, how to make it look great. Using our high-powered machine with a selection of pads, we make your floors look really as beautiful as they are resilient.

  • With stone flooring, we’ll bring back to life the original natural colours and markings.
  • Wooden surfaces will have a subtle gleam.
  • The dirt, grout or plaster that remains from building projects can be removed and the floor cleaned to perfection.  
  • Porcelain and ceramic surfaces are treated carefully yet thoroughly with the most appropriate tools and finishings.
  • Worked or ground-in soap and shampoo on hotel bathroom floors are expertly removed.

Don’t be floored by your floors.  Let Wizard Cleaning restore them to their natural beauty.  Contact us today for a quote.


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